Sunday, January 13, 2008

Flagstone Paths: Design, Use, and Cost

Design and Use

Flagstone is an excellent choice for paths in well-traveled areas. It brings a natural elegance to the garden and is suitable for both primary and secondary paths. When flagstone is fitted together tightly and care is taken to create a clean edge, the material matches the mood created by the most stately homes and formal landscapes.

Fitted more loosely, flagstone pathways complement all other styles and sizes of homes and yards. It's preferred by professionals to use limestone and sandstone for pathways in shady areas, where the lighter hues (a gradation or variety of a color) of the stone make the pathway more visible (usually in the evening).


In hot, sunny areas, the darker tones of slate and granite create a cooling effect. Direct sunlight will also cause the rich and varied colors of granite and quartzite to sparkle and shine. If you like color and brightness in a garden, you might want to consider trying these types of stones.


Flagstone is sturdy whether set in mortar or not. Even the heaviest wheelbarrow loads or lawn equipment traffic will not mar or damage a properly installed flagstone path.


Flagstone prices vary greatly across the country; the closer you live to an area where stone is quarried, the less expensive the stone is. Of the many types of pathways that can be built in a garden, flagstone falls in the upper-middle cost range. We will discuss cost compared to other pathways in later blogs.


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